Watercolor by Artist Nancy Colby

Cat Depot at 2542 - 17th Street in Sarasota, Florida
Studio by appointment only
Website: www.catsbycolby.com
Nancy Colby, Artist
Studio:  941-735-4075     Email: petart4u2@gmail.com  Website: www.catsbycolby.com

Artist’s Statement

If I cannot bless the world and others by the gift God has given me, then I have failed both as an artist and as a child of God. I strive every day to avoid becoming less than a blessing to God and to others.
1 Corinthians 10:31
Florida artist Nancy Colby has gained a well-deserved reputation for painting animals. Inspired by the love of all things animal, she expresses that love in her paintings of those beautiful creatures. Her own cats - and there are six of them - provide ample modeling opportunities for her paintings and they are often featured in local galleries and shows. Animal lovers are drawn to her sensitive renderings of the unique essence of each animal. Awards abound and she’s continually praised by viewers who say they feel they can pet the fur it’s so real. Nancy is a supporter of many animal rescue groups contributing her work and time to these deserving animals.
Nancy currently teaches at Venice Art Center, Visual Arts Center and North Port Art Center with a large following of successful students. Her natural ability has allowed her to continually achieve top honors including Best Pet Portrait Artist for the past three years as voted by Sarasota Pet Magazine.

She is two-term Past President of Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society and is a member of the International Society of Feline Artists. Nancy currently serves on the Board of Directors of Friends of Cats and Dogs and on the Advisory Board of Cat Depot.


Nancy Colby      941-735-4075       petart4u2@gmail.com      www.catsbycolby.com