Nancy Colby, Instructor

Beginner/Intermediate Watercolor Class

 All skill levels are welcome in this class.  Bring the talent and desire you have to class and we’ll “meet you where you are”.  Not all of us progress at the same speed and not all of us have the same goals for our work.  But we all have an interest in watercolor and we can achieve far more than we ever thought possible....together.  This class is designed to help you develop and fine tune your skills to let you produce the things you aspire to achieve.  The subject matter is your choice.  You will be taught basic skills and techniques that apply to all watercolor projects.  While you learn the basics and start applying them, you will be working on a subject that is in your heart.  By working on a project you choose, you will have a greater interest in completing it and the success you achieve will be greater.  Basic color and composition theories are discussed.  Demonstrations of techniques and critiques of works will be given in each class.  The class is relaxed and fun as we learn together.

Nancy Colby      941-735-4075

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